Welcome to my passion for photography.  This is my fun and creative outlet after producing decals at DRAW Decal Please enjoy wandering through my site to see what catches your attention. Many of our images are available for sale as high quality prints or gift items, just click "Price List" above to see the pricing or just click on the Blue BUY button next to each available photo to make your selection.

accipitridae accipitriformes acridotheres tristis actitis macularius aix sponsa american crow american goldfinch american robin american tree sparrow american white pelican amphispiza bilineata anas crecca anatidae anhinga anhingidae anna's hummingbird anseriformes aphelocoma wollweberi ardea alba ardea herodias ardeidae arizona auriparus flaviceps bald eagle bewick's wren big year 2015 birds bitterns and herons black vulture blackbirds blackcapped chickadee blackcrowned night heron blackthroated sparrow blue jay boattailed grackle bombycilla cedrorum broadbilled hummingbird brown thrasher brownheaded cowbird cairina moschata callipepla gambelii calypte anna canada goose cardinalidae cardinalis cardinals and grosbeaks cedar waxwing chickadees and titmice chinese goose chipping sparrow ciconiidae ciconiiformes cliff swallow common goldeneye common grackle common myna common yellowthroat contopus virens cormorants corvidae corvus brachyrhynchos cyanocitta cristata cygnus buccinator cynanthus latirostris darkeyed junco darters doublecrested cormorant downy woodpecker ducks geese and swans duclair duck eastern kingbird eastern woodpewee egretta tricolor egyptian goose everglades national park finches flycatchers forster's tern frigatebirds boobies cormorants darters fringillidae galliformes gambel's quail glaucouswinged gull goose gray catbird great blue heron great egret greenwinged teal greylag goose grouse quail turkey gulls terns skimmers haemorhous mexicanus hairy woodpecker haliaeetus leucocephalus hawks kites and eagles house finch hummingbirds icteridae jays magpies and crows kingbird kites hawks and eagles laridae larus glaucescens lesser goldfinch lesser scaup meleagris gallopavo melospiza melodia mexican jay mimidae mitred parakeet mockingbirds and thrashers mourning dove muscovy duck mycteria americana national parks neotropic cormorant new world quail new world sparrows new world vultures new world warblers northern cardinal northern harrier nuthatches nycticorax odontophoridae olympus omd ospreys palm warbler parrots partridges grouse turkeys parulidae passeriformes pelecanidae pelecaniformes pelecanus erythrorhynchos pelicans pelicans herons ibises phalacrocoracidae phalacrocorax auritus phalacrocorax brasilianus phasianidae picidae piciformes pigeons and doves pileated woodpecker pine siskin plovers and sandpipers poecile atricapillus psittacara mitratus psittaciformes pyrocephalus rubinus redbellied woodpecker redtailed hawk redwinged blackbird ringnecked duck rosebreasted grosbeak ruddy duck sandpipers and phalaropes say's phoebe sayornis saya scolopacidae sitta carolinensis sittidae snow goose song sparrow sphyrapicus varius spinus pinus spinus psaltria spinus tristis spizella arborea spotted sandpiper starlings sterna forsteri storks sturnidae suliformes swallow swans tachycineta bicolor thrushes thryomanes bewickii toxostoma rufum travel tree swallow tricolored heron trochilidae trumpeter swan turdidae turkey vulture tyrannidae tyrannus tyrant flycatcher verdin vermilion flycatcher vireo vireo gilvus vireonidae vulture warbling vireo waxwing whitebreasted nuthatch whitecrowned sparrow whitethroated sparrow wild turkey wildlife wood duck wood stork woodpeckers woodpeckers toucans puffbirds wren yellow rumped warbler yellowbellied sapsucker yelloweyed junco yellowheaded blackbird zenaida macroura zonotrichia leucophrys