Welcome to my passion for photography.  This is my fun and creative outlet after producing decals at DRAW Decal Please enjoy wandering through my site to see what catches your attention. Many of our images are available for sale as high quality prints or gift items, just click "Price List" above to see the pricing or just click on the Blue BUY button next to each available photo to make your selection.

accipitridae accipitriformes acorn woodpecker acridotheres tristis actitis macularius africa african green pigeon african hoopoe african spoonbill african stonechat agapornis roseicollis aix sponsa alaudidae amblyospiza albifrons american bittern american kestrel american redstart american robin american tree sparrow american white pelican american wigeon amphispiza bilineata anas crecca anas discors anas undulata anatidae andropadus importunus anhinga anhingidae anseriformes archilochus colubris ardea alba ardea cinerea ardeidae arenaria interpres arrowmarked babbler auriparus flaviceps babblers bald eagle baltimore oriole baybreasted warbler bearded woodpecker belted kingfisher big year 2016 birds bitterns and herons black phoebe black skimmer blackbellied bustard blackbellied whistling ducks blackbirds blackburnian warbler blackcapped chickadee blackcollared barbet blackcrowned night heron blackheaded oriole blacksmith lapwing blackthroated sparrow blackthroated trogon blackwinged stilt blue jay blue waxbill bluegray gnatcatcher bluegray tanager blueheaded vireo bluewinged teal bombycilla cedrorum bonaparte's gull bostrychia hagedash botaurus lentiginosus brewer's blackbird broadwinged hawk brown jay brown pelican brown snakeeagle brown thrasher browncrowned tchagra brownheaded cowbird bubo africanus bubo virginianus bulbuls burchell's starling bushshrike bustards buteo platypterus cactus wren cairina moschata calidris alba callipepla gambelii camaroptera brachyura campylopterus hemileucurus campylorhynchus brunneicapillus canada goose canvasback duck canyon towhee cape robinchat cape sparrow caracaras and falcons cardinalidae cardinalis cardinalis cardinals and grosbeaks catharus ustulatus cedar waxwing charadriidae charadrius tricollaris charadrius vociferus chestnutsided warbler chickadees and titmice chipping sparrow chlorophanes spiza chroicocephalus philadelphia ciconiidae ciconiiformes cinnyris talatala circaetus cinereus cisticola juncidis cistothorus platensis claycolored sparrow columba arquatrix columba guinea common bulbul common goldeneye common grackle common loon common myna common yellowthroat coracias caudatus coracias naevius coraciiformes cormorants corvidae corythaixoides concolor cossypha caffra costa rica cranes cranes and rails crested barbet crew meadows crimsoncollared tanager crithagra gularis curvedbilled thrasher cyanocitta cristata cygnus buccinator darkcapped bulbul darkeyed junco darters dendropicos namaquus dickcissel dicrurus adsimilis doublecrested cormorant downy woodpecker drongos ducks geese and swans eastern bluebird eastern kingbird eastern phoebe eastern towhee egretta caerulea egretta thula egretta tricolor egyptian goose empidonax traillii eremomela icteropygialis eudocimus albus european starling falco sparverius falconidae falconiformes field sparrow finches florisuga mellivora flycatchers frigatebirds boobies cormorants darters fringillidae galliformes goose grouse quail turkey gulls terns skimmers haemorhous mexicanus hawks kites and eagles house finch hummingbirds ibises and spoonbills icteridae jays magpies and crows kingbird kingfishers motmots bee eaters kinglets kites hawks and eagles laniidae laridae mimidae mockingbirds and thrashers mycteria americana nature pavilion new world sparrows new world warblers old world sparrows old world warblers olympus omd owls parrots partridges grouse turkeys parulidae passeridae passeriformes pelecanidae pelecaniformes pelicans pelicans herons ibises phalacrocoracidae phasianidae picidae piciformes pigeons and doves plovers and lapwings plovers and sandpipers psittaciformes pycnonotus rails gallinules and coots rallidae ramphastidae rancho naturalista regulidae rietvlei nature preserve sandpipers and phalaropes scolopacidae selva verde shrike starlings storks strigiformes sturnidae suliformes swallow tanager thraupidae threskiornithidae thrushes tladi lodge toucans and barbets travel trochilidae turdidae tyrannidae tyrant flycatcher vireo vireonidae weavers wildlife wood stork woodpeckers woodpeckers toucans puffbirds wren